2021/09/07 17:15 Letter from the Producer (Vol. 08)

Thank you for playing Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE. I’m Producer Iwamoto, and today I wanted to send a message to all players enjoying and supporting this title as we celebrate our Second Anniversary.
Our First Anniversary was marked by the release of Muso Tensei Kenshiro, and for our Second, we have released Muso Tensei Raoh. As we move into our third year, I find myself looking forward to whatever surprises and evolution will come from LEGENDS ReVIVE.
“The strongest killing fist, Hokuto Shinken. Its history being passed down to only one successor was thought to have been lost.
However, the next successor is going to be guided by the stars and recover the power of Hokuto assisted by their fingertips!”
This is the concept of LEGENDS ReVIVE as narrated by Chiba Shigeru-san. This title was meant to be the Ultimate Way to re-experience the original story, yet part of the thought that went into developing it was also to “Continue the story of Hokuto through this app”. On our First Anniversary, Hara-sensei mentioned in his own letter message that this title was going to “Bring back the Legend of Hokuto to the Reiwa Era in a new way” to move into a new chapter with all Hokuto fans. As our third year begins, these words have become part of my values for LEGENDS ReVIVE, a part of the experience that we want to deliver to fans, and even into my own personal ambition.
This time, in the occasion of our Second Anniversary, Hara-sensei gifted us with a message as well as an illustration of Raoh from his own hand. It is a shame that we cannot share the actual piece directly, but let me say that it has an overwhelming “aura”…! Once again I want to express my gratitude to Hara-sensei as well as look forward to the franchise celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2023 while also remembering the support from fans throughout these two years. All of us in the team feel the responsibility of helping this move forward as we work hard on making LEGENDS ReVIVE evolve and making a title worthy of being “The Hokuto Legend of the Reiwa Era”. We hope you’re also looking forward to this!
Allow me now to pass the baton to director Fujita, who will share the plans for LEGENDS ReVIVE on its third year. Fujita-san, the floor is yours!

Thank you for your continuous support. I’m director Fujita, and in this letter I would like to tell you about the upcoming plans for contents such as the “Interstellar Dojo” (Tentative name) and what’s coming up for the end of the year.

- Interstellar Dojo Ruler’s Battle

This is the tentative name of a new battle mode that would be a Dojo that spans across multiple servers and is scheduled to go up during the fall. Unlike Union Battles, which have players from multiple unions fighting under different conditions, this new mode would be fought individually, testing each player’s strength. Here are some more details:
  • ① To allow for close battles, not all servers are going to be joined into one group, but rather servers with close power levels are going to be grouped.
  • ② Everyone will start from the same position. As you win through various battles, you’ll earn points that can raise the ranking of the league you belong to. There are rewards to achieving this goal.
  • ③ The higher leagues require having multiple teams, lower leagues only require you having one party.
  • ④ The leagues are not going to be permanently available, but will be around for a limited time each. Each time, the server pairings are going to be mixed up.
On the higher leagues, it’s not going to be like the regular Dojo, where you have to put all your best efforts into creating one party, but rather the focus will be on having as many parties as possible win, requiring effective balancing and considering factors like the order in which parties fight. Challengers will be able to see their opponent’s party and come up with countering party builds, so it may be in your interest at times to have a weaker team and play strategically, which I hope you will enjoy. Multiple parties also mean that you will need to make more members of your pool stronger. Looking at the current issues we have with lack of resources to level up characters, we are planning to lower the hurdles enough to make this more enjoyable.
On surveys and through your queries, we became aware that many players wanted to battle users in different servers, and hope this new mode will bring a breath of fresh air into LEGENDS ReVIVE.

- Regarding the character lineup

Now that Muso Tensei Raoh is out, many of you may be wondering “Who is going to be released next?” We want to assure you that, as producer Iwamoto said before, this is still the Ultimate way to relive the Hokuto story. Characters will appear from one end to the other end of the Hokuto franchise. I cannot go too deep into this yet, but many of you will be surprised by what’s coming up. I ask for you now to hold on a little longer until an announcement is possible.
…But if I leave it at that, I’m sure that we’ll receive lots of comments saying that we didn’t really reveal anything. So let me just showcase a few of the upcoming characters in no particular order:
  • - Shuren and Huey (2 in 1 Characters)
  • - Ryuken from past days (A new version of the character)
Characters joined together in a 2 in 1 combo are something we’ve brought up in the past and we can now move on with as wanted. We were unable to do so yet when taking into consideration the different kinds of mobile devices used, particularly outside of Japan. We cannot implement these sort of characters consecutively yet though, but we are working on it. Next in line are the Fire and Wind users from the Nanto Goshasei. Look forward to their synergy!

- Future Collaborations

After the Street Fighter collaboration in the Spring, and the recently ended Hana no Keiji crossover, we wanted to let you know there will be more future collaborations with different IPs we believe go well with Fist of the North Star as a whole and LEGENDS ReVIVE in particular. There is another collaboration coming soon, but I cannot reveal the date just yet. I will do so during the coming days.
We will also bring a continuation to the story of Fist of the Blue Sky that started in January and was left at the battle with Mang Kuangyun, otherwise known as Ling Wang. Watch out for it!

- Future updates

I will now cover future updates throughout the end of the year, including the Interstellar Dojo. This Dojo, along with the “Character Enhancement Reset” (tentative name) will be made available so that strengthening characters becomes easier to do, as we also add further Story chapters and develop further into the vision of the world of LEGENDS ReVIVE.
This is all still very much in-development though, so changes might happen between now and their eventual release.
There is still little I can say about this, and I’m sorry for that. We do hope to increase the amount of livestreams we do, through which we can share more information about development, how things are going, details, etc.
October, November:
New events are planned to expand on the world of LEGENDS ReVIVE as well as the story. We’ll also be working on improving the leveling up of characters so that it flows more smoothly and your team is in shape for the Interstellar Dojo.
  • - Interstellar Dojo, Ruler’s Battle
  • - Fighters’ reset ability
  • - New Event Quests
  • - New Mini-games
  • - Improvements to some areas and QOL.
December, January
Events to celebrate the coming of a new year are planned with surprises included.
  • - Story Quests
  • - New Event Quests
  • - New Team strengthening contents
  • - Reviews on the rewards for certain contents
  • - New features added to the Gate of Shura (helping play move along more smoothly)
  • - New Daily Missions, as well as some revisions

- Closing

As Iwamoto said at the beginning, it is thanks to all people playing LEGENDS ReVIVE, Fist of the North Star Fans, that we were able to reach our Second Anniversary. Thank you so much. We will keep working hard in order to make an enjoyable, exciting experience of LEGENDS ReVIVE that you can keep looking forward to.
We’re still not in a place where we can gather people to plan a special event, so we want to increase the pace at which we do livestreams or otherwise give updates and interact.
Personally, I want to keep aiming for a way in which fans’ input can be taken into account and there can be some interaction between both sides, so I’ll keep working towards that objective. I hope you keep playing and enjoying Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE.

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