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Featured Characters

UR Kenshiro Kasumi CV:Koichi Yamadera

UR Kenshiro Kasumi

The 62nd successor of Hokuto Shinken. Before the fall of human civilization to the nuclear apocalypse, he was known and feared in the city of Shanghai as Yan Wang (King of Hell). He is Ryuken's brother and Kenshiro'snamesake. In Shanghai, the city of sin, he fights for his Pengyou (friends) and for Yu-Ling, the women he loves.

UR Mang Kuang-Yun CV:Hiroki Touchi

UR Mang Kuang-Yun

Practitioner of Hokuto Sonkaken, one of the three factions of Hokuto Shinken, and also known as Ling Wang (Spirit King). He uses the Hikou Heni (Channeling Point Displacement) technique, having used opium to the point of destroying his own body to master it. Obsessed with surpassing the original Hokuto Shinken, he challenges Kenshiro Kasumi.

UR Charles de Guise CV:Ryotaro Okiayu

UR Charles de Guise

A French Jew and a colonel in the French Army's Intelligence Service. While he is a practitioner of Hokuto Sonkaken, the same as Mang Kuang-Yun (Ling Wang), he only uses it for self-defense, preferring to fight like a soldier, using a sword and pistol.

SR Pan Yu-Ling CV:Yumi Touma

SR Pan Yu-Ling

Kenshiro Kasumi's girlfriend, she is also the sister of his Pengyou and Boss of the Green Gang, Pan Guang-Lin. Having had her memory erased by Kuang-Yun, the man her adoptive father had betrothed her to, she was presumed dead but has since resurfaced as the horse bandit Li Xiu-Bao and reunites with Kenshiro on the Journey of Destiny.
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