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SR Sakura


Featured Characters

UR Ryu CV:Takahashi Hiroki

A martial artist who travels the world in his quest to become a "True Warrior". He trained under the master martial artist Gouken along with his friend and rival, Ken. Seeking to overcome the deadly power of "Satsui no Hado", he continues to fight.

UR Ryu

UR M.Bison CV:Wakamoto Norio

Leader of the underground criminal organization Shadaloo, he is a Fighter who has mastered the fearsome Psycho Power. Able to resurrect himself in new bodies, he wants to plunge the world into fear and chaos.

UR M.Bison

UR Chun-Li CV:Orikasa Fumiko

A female martial artist renowned for her flashy kicks who served as an investigator for the I.C.P.O. She became a detective at the young age of 18 in hopes of finding her missing father. Her search for information led her to become a Street Fighter and now she enjoys the thrill of battle against foes on equal terms.

UR Chun-Li

SR Sakura CV:Fukuen Misato

A Fighter whose goal to discover her own unique strength led her to save up money by working part time at an arcade so that she could travel the world and undergo rigorous training. Motivated by her admiration for Ryu, she carefully observes his fighting style and practices his moves. From the moment she first saw Ryu, she pledged to walk the same path as him.

SR Sakura
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