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SR Matsukaze

Featured Character

UR Samurai Heart Keiji Maeda

UR Samurai Heart Keiji Maeda Keiji Maeda (CV: Toshiya Fujisawa) Sutemaru (CV: Shunzo Miyasaka) Iwabe (CV: Kengo Tsujii)

A kind-natured warrior of the Warring States period whose bold spirit captivated Sutemaru and Iwabe, earning their loyal support. The three warriors forge an unbreakable bond. Committed to his fearless lifestyle, Keiji leads the way into their next battle.

UR Yukimura Sanada

UR Yukimura Sanada CV:Hiroyuki Yoshino

The second son of Masayuki Sanada who was also known as Nobushige, and was revered as the most ingenious military commander of his generation. His reputation as the greatest warrior in Japan preceded him, instilling fear in Ieyasu Tokugawa. Having earned Keiji's respect for his unwavering determination, he bravely marched onwards to his first battle at Odawara, bearing his family crest as a symbol of his resolution to fight without fear of death.

Revival Character

UR Keiji Maeda

UR Keiji Maeda CV:Toshiya Fujisawa

A legendary Kabukimono who rode his way through the chaotic Azuchi-Momoyama period like a wandering breeze. He was an iconic Kabukimono who risked his life for fun and games while his country was at war. Born as Toshimasu Maeda, his beloved horse Matsukaze towered almost 2 meters tall, and he bore a crimson spear with which he demonstrated unmatchable strength. He possessed the power to make the blood of any man boil.

UR Sukeemon Okumura

UR Sukeemon Okumura CV:Kazuhiro Imamura

A retainer of the Maeda clan and Keiji's closest friend, who knew him from a very young age. While a chief retainer of Keiji's adoptive father Toshihisa Maeda, he worked at Arako Castle at the age of 18. Both calm and daring, he was a brave warrior that impressed Katsuie Shibata. At the Siege of Suemori, as the lord of the castle, he battled alongside Keiji, bearing the ferocious heart of a true warrior.



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SR Matsukaze

SR Matsukaze

The feared giant demon horse that nobody could approach in fear of its rampageous behavior until one day, Keiji set his eyes on him and was instantly charmed. With time, he became Keiji's beloved steed. Keiji named him Matsukaze after his immense speed and together, the two went on to fight many battles together.

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